The Catholic Mass

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If we really understood the Mass, we would die of joy” St John Vianney. Below, are some fascinating videos on the Catholic Mass; outlining its importance and power for the world and for the salvation of souls: And for an explanation of the Mass:

Release 50 000 Holy Souls!

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I thought I would share the video below, it’s St Gertrude’s Feast Day on 16th November. So, in her honour as she is such an amazing Saint I am embedding this video. I pray this Chaplet myself but I tend to shorten it to “Eternal Father I offer You the Precious Blood of Jesus for [&

The following story, which tells of what happened to a lady, a privileged soul, on 2 February, 1968, the Feast of Candlemas, shows us the very great value and the fruitful use which one may make of the Our Father, composed by St Mechtilde for the relief of the souls in Purgatory. It took pace [&hell

Mother Teresa Quotes

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In this brief post, I want to give you a link to some great Mother Teresa quotes. As well as being a great woman of faith, Mother Teresa was FULL to brimming with wisdom. It was Mother Teresa who said: “Peace begins with a smile..” and “What can you do to promote world peace? Go […]

Christian Unity

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I just came across this great video about Christian Unity and the importance of having one Church…

There seems to be confusion these days about the world being ‘over’ populated with people. This means, many say, that the world’s resources will simply run out soon! I came across this site which is well worth a look to refute that idea! There are 6.5 billion people in the world to

On Saturday 27th February 2010 in Chile the lives of 1000’s of people were changed forever as the 8.8-magnitude earthquake and related tsunami tidal waves killed more than 700 people with the death toll rising every day.

Who is St Patrick?

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If you’re interested in St Patrick’s which is approaching very soon then keep reading! Specifically, I’ll be covering the day itself, a day of pride, a day of solemn religious observance in Ireland itself (people are obliged to attend Church as part of the celebrations). It has als

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