On Saturday 27th February 2010 in Chile the lives of 1000’s of people were changed forever as the 8.8-magnitude earthquake and related tsunami tidal waves killed more than 700 people with the death toll rising every day.

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Jesus is with us in the storms of life

The quake also caused  untold devastation, thousands of homes were wrecked and demolished and transport links were ripped to shreds in seconds such was the devastating power of the force.

Witnesses of the earthquake spoke of women pulling out their Rosary beads and praying to God. If natural disasters like these and sometimes the’disasters’ we face in our personal lives do not bring us to our knees what will?Very often God uses these things to bring us closer to him. It is at this times we realise how dependent we are on the Lord for everything.

When we realise our dependency on the Creator of us and all things, then we are being humble. Humility is a beautiful virtue which makes us irresistible with God. The great saints knew this secret.

For more information on humility click here.

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