St Joseph the Worker-1st May

St Joseph the Worker Feast Day is celebrated on 1st May each year. The title, St Joseph the Worker, was given to St Joseph, the patron of carpenters, builders and all workers by Pope Pius XII in 1955.

The 1st May also coincides in many countries with the working holiday weekend to celebrate the ‘unofficial’ start of summertime, the ‘May Day’ Bank Holiday festivities in the UK as they are known.
St Joseph is also patron saint of the universal Church of Christ on earth, the dying, marriages, fatherhood, families, house sales and finances. He is also an excellent example of humility and obedience to the calling of God in his life.
However, it is St Joseph’s patronage of workers that is one of his most illustrious titles, warranting a special feast day in his honour.
St Joseph was himself a humble carpenter who knew what it was to work hard, often for meagre pay, in order to earn a living to support his wife and Jesus, his foster child. Though a hard worker, St Joseph knew and embraced poverty and when presenting gifts at Jesus’ presentation in the Temple, it was the gift of the poor that St Joseph presented to God, ‘a pair of turtledoves or two young pigeons’ (Lk 2:24).
In these times of recession with unemployment rising high we ask for Joseph’s intercession and help from Heaven to help us in our work or indeed to find good, productive work which will improve the society in which we live and give us a spirit of peace and joy.
Pope Pius wrote a prayer especially for this great Feast;
“Oh glorious St Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work in the spirit of penance in expiation of my many sins; to work conscientiously by placing love of duty above my inclinations; to gratefully and joyously deem it an honor to employ and to develop by labor the gifts I have received from God, to work methodically, peacefully and in moderation and patience, without ever shrinking from it through weariness or difficulty to work; above all, with purity of intention and unselfishness, having unceasingly before my eyes death and the account I have to render of time lost, talents unused, good not done, and vain complacency in success, so harmful to the work of God. All for Jesus, all for Mary, all to imitate you, O Patriarch St Joseph! This shall be my motto for life and eternity. Amen”

For a great novena prayer to St Joseph (asking for help with work) go to EWTN’s website now!

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A carpenter’s lathe!



St Joseph-Happily Married Man

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As well as being a patron of fathers, St Joseph is patron of marriages and families too. This is very useful in our day and age as marriages and families often need all the help they can get!

These days, more than ever before, marriage is attacked spiritually, emotionally and even financially in many countries.

Adultery is becoming more and more justified in our Western cultures.

Further the ‘me’ generation’s egotism is contributing to the selfishness which makes a spouse stray or ignore the other’s needs, forgetting the needs and emotional well being of the spouse or the children, yet they vowed to love and cherish each other on the wedding day. 

Heavenly warriors are needed in the fight against the spiritual conflict of sin and selfishness.

There are many warriors to help us, and one of the best warriors yet the most hidden is the powerful St Joseph, the husband of Mary!

He was a silent, humble yet courageous Saint who protected Mary and the Christ child from the anger and jealousy of Herod. St Joseph never let his family down. 

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St. Joseph-Wonder Worker of the Church: St Joseph ‘saves’ Two Desperate Monks

Here’s the story of the devotion to St Joseph’s seven joys and a miracle prayer to St Joseph.

Many years ago, two Franciscan friars found themselves shipwrecked. By clinging to a plank of wood they kept their heads just above water as the storm continued.Both monks had a devotion to St Joseph, the spouse of Mary, and they sought his help from Heaven in their desperate plight calling out and praying to him.

After a little while the storm died down and the men saw a radiant shining figure just ahead of them standing on the water.

The figure greeted them and guided them  miraculously to the shore so that when they got to land the two monks threw themselves at the feet of the stranger to thank him for helping them.

The stranger said to them: ‘I am Joseph, if you wish to do something pleasing to me, never let a day pass without saying the Our Father and the Hail Mary seven times in honour of the seven joys that consoled me whilst I was on earth in the company of Jesus and Mary.’

He then vanished leaving the monks in awe and wonder.

Since St Joseph himself has declared how pleasing these prayers are too him it is an excellent way of honouring him and also of gaining his help and protection.

Jesus is our one true mediator but Jesus wills that we share in his Ministry and who better than his beloved foster father, St Joseph and his Holy Mother Mary to intercede for us.St Jose ph more than any other Saint in Heaven (apart from Mary) has a special bond with Jesus’ Heart and access to the Divine ear so to speak!

It really is very powerful when used to implore Joseph’s aid. Remember as on earth as Jesus’ foster father so too it is in Heaven. There is no limit to St Joseph’s generosity and intercession and he is a great Patron Saint to have!

You can use these prayers for: marriage difficulties, exams, illness, house sales etc.

The Devotion of the Seven Sorrows and Seven Joys of St. Joseph
1. O chaste Spouse of Mary most holy, glorious St. Joseph, great was the trouble and anguish of thy heart when thou wert minded to put away privately thine inviolate Spouse, yet thy joy was unspeakable when the surpassing mystery of the Incarnation was made known to thee by the Angel!

By this sorrow and this joy, we beseech thee to comfort our souls, both now and in the sorrows of our final hour, with the joy of a good life and a holy death after the pattern of thine own, in the arms of Jesus and Mary.

Our Father, Hail Mary

2. O most blessed Patriarch, glorious St. Joseph, who was chosen to be the foster father of the Word made flesh, thy sorrow at seeing the Child Jesus born in such poverty was suddenly changed into heavenly exultation when thou didst hear the angelic hymn and beheld the glories of that resplendent night.

By this sorrow and this joy, we implore thee to obtain for us the grace to pass over from life’s pathway to hear the angelic songs of praise, and to rejoice in the shining splendor of celestial glory.

Our Father, Hail Mary

3. O glorious St. Joseph, thou faithfully obeyed the law of God, and thy heart was pierced at the sight of the Precious Blood that was shed by the Infant Savior during His Circumcision, but the Name of Jesus gave thee new life and filled thee with quiet joy.

By this sorrow and this joy, obtain for us the grace to be freed from all sin during life, and to die rejoicing, with the Holy Name of Jesus in our hearts and on our lips.

Our Father, Hail Mary
4. O most faithful Saint who shared the mysteries of our Redemption, glorious St. Joseph, the prophecy of Simeon regarding the sufferings of Jesus and Mary caused thee to shudder with mortal dread, but at the same time filled thee with a blessed joy for the salvation and glorious which, he foretold, would be attained by countless souls.

By this sorrow and this joy, obtain for us that we may be among the number of those, who through merits of Jesus and the intercession of Mary the Virgin Mother, are predestined to a glorious resurrection.

Our Father, Hail Mary

5. O most watchful Guardian of the Incarnate Son of God, glorious St. Joseph, what toil was thine in supporting and waiting upon the Son of the most high God, especially in the flight into Egypt! Yet at the same time, how thou didst rejoice to have always near you God Himself, and to see the idols of the Egyptians fall prostrate to the ground before Him.

By this sorrow and this joy, obtain for us the grace of keeping ourselves in safety from the infernal tyrant, especially by flight from dangerous occasions; may every idol of earthly affection fall from our hearts; may we be wholly employed in serving Jesus and Mary, and for them alone may we live and happily die.

Our Father, Hail Mary

6. O glorious St. Joseph, an angel on earth, thou didst marvel to see the King of Heaven obedient to thy commands, but thy consolation in bringing Jesus out of the land of Egypt was troubled by the fear of Archelaus; nevertheless, being assured by the Angel, thou dwelt in gladness at Nazareth with Jesus and Mary.

By this sorrow and this joy, obtain for us that our hearts may be delivered from harmful fears, so that we may rejoice in peace of conscience and may live in safety with Jesus and Mary and may, like thee, die in their company.

Our Father, Hail Mary

7. O glorious St. Joseph, pattern of all holiness, when thou didst lose, through no fault of thine own, the Child Jesus, thou sought Him sorrowing for the space of three days, until with great joy, thou didst find Him again in the Temple, sitting in the midst of the doctors.

By this sorrow and this joy, we supplicate thee, with our hearts upon our lips, to keep us from ever having the misfortune to lose Jesus through mortal sin; but if this supreme misfortune should befall us, grant that we may seek Him with unceasing sorrow until we find Him again, ready to show us His great mercy, especially at the hour of death; so that we may pass over to enjoy His presence in Heaven; and there in company with thee, may we sing the praises of His Divine mercy forever.

Our Father, Hail Mary

Saint Joseph-Foster Father of Jesus

nativitySt Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus, worked as a humble carpenter by trade. He was a very devout and ‘righteous’ man. His primary feast day in the Church is celebrated on March 19th. On May 1st each year there is also the great Feast of St Joseph the worker as he was a highly skilled carpenter by trade teaching Jesus himself and is patron of workers everywhere.

St Teresa of Avila was a great advocate of praying to St Joseph and she said that he frequently obtained for her from His Divine Son, Jesus, far greater favours than she had originally asked for. She urged everyone to pray to St Joseph in their necessities saying that she could not remember asking St Joseph for anything that he refused to her.

Here is a short prayer composed by St Clement Hofbauer to ask for St. Joseph’s intercession;

“St Joseph, my loving father, I place myself and (…) under your protection. Look on me as your child and keep me from all sin. I take refuge in your arms, so that you may lead me in the path of virtue and assist me in the following (problem) and at the hour of my death. Amen”

"The Little Child and I"

saint Joseph and JesusThe following beautiful poem was given to me by a very holy and humble nun who has sinced passed away to her eternal reward. I dedicate this post to her honour and pray for St Joseph’s guidance for all who read it:
“We walked through the field of wheat-
a little Child and I.
His face was as fair as the dawn,
his eyes as bright as the sky.
O’er hillside and valley we went,
through blossom strewn
meadow and glade.
He held my hand
as I told him the names
of all the flowers he made.

We worked at the carpenter’s bench-
a beautiful Child and I.
The air was still as the star light,
and the Mother of Grace was nigh.
The burden of labour and toil
were sweet, though hard was my trade,
for I taught the heavenly Child to use
the tools which he had made.

We gathered for even tide prayer-
a Child, the Mother and I.
The only sound was the vesper song
of the birds that were flying by.
We gazed at the sinking sun
as the light began to fade
and saw a flame from 
the heart of the Child
by whose power all things were made”

St Joseph and Sr Mary Clare please intercede for us and guide all who read this, thankyou.

St Joseph-All Powerful Prayer

Here is a prayer which I have used since I was nine years old, it has ‘never been known to fail.’

“O St. Joseph, whose protection is so great,
so strong, so prompt,
before the Throne of God,
I place in you ALL my interests and desires.
O St. Joseph, do assist me by your powerful intercession
and obtain for me from your Divine Son
all spiritual blessings through Jesus Christ, Our Lord;
so that having engaged here below your

Heavenly power
I may offer my thanksgiving and homage
to the most loving of fathers.
O St. Joseph, I never weary of contemplating you
and Jesus asleep in your arms.
I dare not approach while He reposes near

your heart.
Press him in my name and kiss His fine head for me,
and ask Him to return the kiss when I draw my dying breath.
St. Joseph, patron of departing souls, pray for us.


St Joseph the Wonder Worker of the Church

With St Joseph the Wonder Worker, his influence with his Son in Heaven is not limited to a few things, St Joseph is the Patron Saint of many things, in fact St Joseph has many roles in the Church and is the Protector of Holy Mother Church on earth, just as he protected the Christ child whilst on earth.
Among St Joseph’s many ‘roles’ in Heaven, to intercede for us and help us here on earth, St Joseph is patron saint of carpenters, workers, builders, fathers, foster fathers, marriages, families, social justice, of buying and selling houses, finding good marriage partners and also he is patron of the whole universal Church on earth, all churches, convents and monasteries. 
It is quite a task but he is well equipped with all the graces of God at his disposal. He has friends in high places and particuarly with one no higher than our one mediator with the Father, Jesus Christ.
From Mary’s hands come all the graces we need as God uses Mary as the channel to bring his grace to earth just as God used Mary to bring to earth His Word made flesh.  St Joseph was married to Mary as her most chaste spouse. St Joseph has the ‘ear’ of God, let us pray to him for all our needs-spritual and temporal.
St Joseph please pray for us-protect us now and always. Amen!
Further, many commentators on the life of perfection have remarked that to have a solid devotion to the great St Joseph is a ‘good’ sign that one is on the way to Heaven. The two devotions to both St Joseph and Mary are a powerhouse of devotion for good and grace in our lives. 
I strongly advise praying the St Joseph miracle prayer (as a novena for nine days if you have a special intention) and try for yourself his powerful intercession and help. 
I am sure St Joseph loves to hear God’s children pray to him for help as we are all God’s ‘adopted sons’ in Christ, his foster son. St Joseph’s great obedience to God’s will whilst on earth has made him such a great saint in Heaven. For more information on St Joseph’s obedience of faith to the Divine will go to the following article.

St. Joseph’s Help In Times Of Need

In times of need we all need help. That is why there are particular saints in Heaven with particular ‘jobs’ to cover certain ‘needs’ on earth, these are patron saints of specific areas.

For example, St Anthony is the saint you call on when you have lost something, Sts Rita and Jude are the saints of the impossible, St Therese is for healing, St Christopher is called on for help in travelling and driving, St Dymphna for mental illness and anxiety and St Barbara in lighting and thunderstorms. The list of ‘needs’ is as endless as the list of saints who we pray in them. 

The reasoning behind obtaining this ‘help from heaven’ in our necessities on earth is that the Saints are so full of God’s love in Heaven, (as they were when they lived on earth) that they wish to share their love with us and bring us many blessings.

St Joseph, the loving foster father of Jesus, knows how hard it can be to live well and also earn a living everyday. He knows what it is to raise a family albeit that his foster son was divine he still needed somewhere to live and bread on the table.
Because St Joseph denied nothing to the Christ child, Jesus reigning in Heaven can hardly deny St Joseph’s prayers now. Literally thousands have had recourse to the great St Joseph in many needs and difficulties and he does seem to be the saint that covers all necessities so you are on good ground with him if you invoke his patronage over your life and family!
Married to the holiest, most virtous woman, the mother of God, Saint Joseph was priviledged to have a harmonious and happy marriage and home life. He knew the joys of a blessed marriage and many single people also have recourse to him to find a suitable spouse.

May Saint Joseph assist us in all our necessities.