It’s time for Catholics to Wake Up!

In his amazing and insightful Book, “Catholics Awake’-Marino Restrepo calls on all Catholics to wake up. Catholics are the sleeping giant of the Church that need to wake up and start praying and sacrificing!

It’s a Book that reminds us to take our faith and our calling to be saints and to save souls seriously…

If you’re searching for a book that will make you sit up and think twice about the Christian faith then look no further because ‘Catholics Awake‘ which is a Book that hits you right between the eyes with its profound insights about the state of the Catholic Church today as Marino calls the Church to repentance and renewal.

From a personal point of view, I can usually read a book in a day and take most of it in. But, with ‘Catholics Awake’ I have needed to put the Book down constantly to take in the profound messages in it. Reading it is like eating a gourmet meal for the soul as opposed to a quick snack which doesn’t satisfy the soul and is too superficial-so many modern spiritual books are like that!

So, who is Marino Restrepo?

Marino Restrepo is a man who underwent a profound mystical experience during which he was taken to Hell and Heaven and received many revelations concerning the afterlife. During his experience, Marino was literally brought to the gates of hell but his life ‘was redeemed from the grave’ by Jesus and he has been called to proclaim the powerful truths he was privileged to see and experience.

The potent and life changing testimony and teachings of Marino serve as a genuine warning to souls that hell exists and sin, pride and lack of love bring souls there!

It’s an important and instructive message for our times and one that’s straight from the heart.

The Book ‘Catholics Awake’ is a fruit of Marino’s ten year plus global ministry from Australia to Venezuela where he has witnessed first hand the divisions and mediocrity in the Bride of Christ.

Marino calls out in this Book for Catholics to wake up from their sleep, for ‘the night is far behind us’ already and we need to take a quantum leap into our faith and into the light of Christ.

Marino is sounding the trumpet to Catholics everywhere in this Book telling us that ‘The time has come to go out there and preach it (the Gospel) like it is, with a non negotiable aim that only strives to glorify the Lord and to proclaim His kingdom among us’.

‘Catholics Awake’ promotes the importance and power of the Church’s Sacraments which are often forgotten, denied and even abused.

Marino reminds Catholics that we need to reclaim our lost heritage and not to become ashamed of it and to protect themselves from weak forms of Christianity which are gathering in popularity these days and which ignore the cross of Calvary and are centred on a prosperity Gospel of wealth and well being, the spirituality of self and self realisation.

For example, regarding the Sacrament of Baptism, Marino reminds us of its efficacy:

‘Through baptism, one is enlisted from above into the army of the Kingdom of God and is given the legitimacy of a citizenship in the City of Light, the New Jerusalem’.

Baptism is a most powerful privilege which many Christians are completely unaware of and don’t live up to, ‘Christians, know thy dignity’.

Marino also reminds Christians that in the Sacrament of Baptism we are exorcised from the past, from the sins of ancestors, beginning with the sin of all sins: original sin. In Baptism, we become a member of Christ’s mystical body on earth, and it’s a high yet hidden calling and one that we need to live up to everyday of our lives.

‘Catholics Awake’ is a ‘must read’ for all those wishing to deepen their knowledge of the Christian and Catholic faith and of the power of the Sacraments or even for those who wish to find out about the great depths of treasures and riches the Catholic Church has deposited within it. Riches which are guarded by ‘vessels of clay’ but it is real nonetheless.

The knowledge and wisdom contained in ‘Catholics Awake’ is part and parcel of the treasure trove of infused knowledge Marino Restrepo received during his mystical conversion experience with Jesus and Mary. This Book is lived experience and not theoretical musings that’s why it speaks direct to the heart.

This is why I think it touches the spirit so deeply as you read the Book and it provokes one to a profound change of heart.