St. Joseph’s Help In Times Of Need

In times of need we all need help. That is why there are particular saints in Heaven with particular ‘jobs’ to cover certain ‘needs’ on earth, these are patron saints of specific areas.

For example, St Anthony is the saint you call on when you have lost something, Sts Rita and Jude are the saints of the impossible, St Therese is for healing, St Christopher is called on for help in travelling and driving, St Dymphna for mental illness and anxiety and St Barbara in lighting and thunderstorms. The list of ‘needs’ is as endless as the list of saints who we pray in them. 

The reasoning behind obtaining this ‘help from heaven’ in our necessities on earth is that the Saints are so full of God’s love in Heaven, (as they were when they lived on earth) that they wish to share their love with us and bring us many blessings.

St Joseph, the loving foster father of Jesus, knows how hard it can be to live well and also earn a living everyday. He knows what it is to raise a family albeit that his foster son was divine he still needed somewhere to live and bread on the table.
Because St Joseph denied nothing to the Christ child, Jesus reigning in Heaven can hardly deny St Joseph’s prayers now. Literally thousands have had recourse to the great St Joseph in many needs and difficulties and he does seem to be the saint that covers all necessities so you are on good ground with him if you invoke his patronage over your life and family!
Married to the holiest, most virtous woman, the mother of God, Saint Joseph was priviledged to have a harmonious and happy marriage and home life. He knew the joys of a blessed marriage and many single people also have recourse to him to find a suitable spouse.

May Saint Joseph assist us in all our necessities.