These could be the most important minutes of your life…you need to watch the video below, it’s 33 minutes in length… Take a few minutes of your time, keep pausing the video below if you need to, but get to the end! I’ve often likened abortion to the holocaust, at least in my

The Ave Maria/Hail Mary brought salvation to mankind. Here’s a beautiful rendition sung by the powerful singer, Celine Dion, enjoy … It really brings the beauty of the prayer to life… From “The Secret of the Rosary” by Louis de Montfort-this is the best book I have ever

How to Obtain Mary’s Help!

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There’s a way to obtain Mary’s powerful help and outline all your needs to her, She is the mother of Jesus, the Mother of God and Mother of the Church. Her intercession with God is all powerful in Heaven as it was on earth for Mary always did the Will of God with the utmost […]

Soon we’ll be celebrating the Feast Day of Fatima where we rejoice at God’s mercy sending his holy mother with a message of peace and prayer to the Church of Christ on earth.

An Ode To St Joseph

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I am dedicating this post to all the victims of 9/11 and their families and all those who contracted illnesses in the rescue and clean up operations. May St Joseph guide and comfort all. “Eternal Rest grant to them all O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them, may they rest in peace. Ame

"The Little Child and I"

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The following beautiful poem was given to me by a very holy and humble nun who has sinced passed away to her eternal reward. I dedicate this post to her honour and pray for St Joseph’s guidance for all who read it: A LITTLE CHILD AND I “We walked through the field of wheat- a […]

Mary, the Mother of God’s words of comfort are still as relevant today in 2010 than they were in 1531 when she appeared in a vision to St Juan Diego at  Guadalupe, Mexico and uttered them.

St Joseph the Worker-1st May

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St Joseph the Worker Feast Day is celebrated on 1st May each year. The title, St Joseph the Worker, was given to St Joseph, the patron of carpenters, builders and all workers by Pope Pius XII in 1955. The 1st May also coincides in many countries with the working holiday weekend to celebrate the ‘u

St Joseph-Happily Married Man

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Click Here to Read Marriage Article As well as being a patron of fathers, St Joseph is patron of marriages and families too. This is very useful in our day and age as marriages and families often need all the help they can get! These days, more than ever before, marriage is attacked spiritually, emo

St. Joseph-Wonder Worker of the Church: St Joseph ‘saves’ Two Desperate Monks Here’s the story of the devotion to St Joseph’s seven joys and the miracle prayer to St Joseph. Many years ago, two Franciscan friars found themselves shipwrecked during an ocean voyage. By clinging

With St Joseph the Wonder Worker, his influence with his Son in Heaven is not limited to a few things, he seems to be the patron of many things, in fact St Joseph has many roles in the Church. Among his many ‘roles’ in Heaven, to intercede for us and help us here on earth, […]

In times of need we all need help. That is why there are particular saints in Heaven with particular ‘jobs’ to cover certain ‘needs’ on earth, these are patron saints of specific areas. For example, St Anthony is the saint you call on when you have lost something, Sts Rita an

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